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Vikingdom Slot Casino Game Review

For more than 300 years the sight of a dragon-headed Longship on the horizon struck fear and terror into the hearts of those in its path, conjuring up images of berserk Viking warriors spreading indiscriminate death and destruction.

The reputation of the Vikings being brutal, unyielding conquerors has loomed large in the western psyche for centuries, and we bet that you would not have played Russian roulette with your chances if these bearded seafarers landed on your shores, right?

Winning Conquest

That’s where our epic 40 line slot, Vikingdom, shows the power of a casino game. It takes the best of blending myth and fact, and charges onto your screen with a host of legendary characters that'll lead your gambling to victory. Not only can you hit the jackpot by winning up to 102,530 coins on a SINGLE spin, there’s another unstoppable bonus… You'll quiver at the fact that all the notable features comes with a 2x multiplier, like the double high wild; free spins; random wild and expanding wild. Valkyrie Vikingdom lifts the horned helmet on the Viking way by bringing you a taste of undiluted adventure beautifully illustrated in 3D cartoon style blood and bone. Vikingdom, although fierce in its savage focus to make you a winner, is also deliciously vivid, authentic, exciting, and packed with wit. You should not go a-Viking without playing this slot machine. Heroic Legend Go back to the beginning. Join the world of Vikingdom, where freedom, power & winning reign supreme! It’ll grab you and refuse to let you go. Play Vikingdom & wreak havoc on the reels as you satisfy your thirst for epic wins!

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