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Catsino Slot Casino Game Review

Hello Kitty! All cats like being the focus of attention, so Catsino slot is purrr-fect if you have winning as the focus of YOUR attention. You'll feel like the cat's whiskers when you spin & win on this fabulous feline favorite.

If you prefer dogs, you may not care that cats can drink seawater, or that a cat's nose has a unique pattern, just like a human fingerprint. But what you may LOVE, is that Catsino Video Slot is not just frivilous feline fun. It’s the cat’s whiskers when it comes to payouts and that will make it purr-fect when you walk away with the lion’s share!

Just like a cat has 9 lives, so will you, and we're not merely spinning a yarn. Here's why:

The free spins feature game is triggered whilst you're in the base game. But then, as you're enjoying the free casino game feature, you can trigger the 9 Lives Super Round!

There's no cat and mouse with this slot, just play cat & mouse with the actual reasons WHY you play a slot. You want to know about the fat cat bonus, not so?

The main cat is a mean looking tom, on the verge of spinning out of control since the purebred felines are taking him to the cleaners. If the reels spin the right way, you'll neuter him 'cause as the scatter, he triggers free spins from where you could be given the 9 Live Super Rounds.

This slot is superbly favorable to wins, so you won't be drawn into a cat-fight to see some action. It's quite novel to find a feline inspired cartoon-style slot that is cute as kittens and comic-book colourful, but is clearly fitting for adults.

Time to get your paws all over it!

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