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Blood Eternal Slot Casino Game Review

Apparently, finding a Vampire in real life is not that easy (and you need a white horse)... The reel version is much easier to locate and we invite you to a spectacle of gothic gore on this dramatic video slot.

If there was ever a place where the vampire legend rules and dictates what everyone does from sun up to sun down, it is at our online casino.

You've just clicked on one of the most popular casino games and although Vampires have a head start when it comes to myths and legends, you are about to make history with some serious winning.

Let's be sharp about this. There's a non-progressive jackpot of 50,000 that you could win with a single spin - if you play max bet. The magic combo will be obtained when you get as many bats as possible on the reels, and this is where it gets eerie... There are two types of bats on this casino game. Some Bats will count as a single, but other will count as doubles, and therefore, even though you've got 5 bats on a line, if two of them represent the double version, they add up to 7 bats! You thirst after having 12 bats (on max bet) for that jackpot total.

By now you must be wondering about Vampires and bloodthirsty action, but I believe that sometimes the best should be kept for last.

Yes, there are vampires, and yes, there are human victims. Of course, they don't start out that way, the humans are spinning away from the thirsty hunters as fast as you'll allow them, but sooner or later a vampire will land up next to a human on the reels and then it's a fest. (For you and for the Vampire.)

There is no better way to experience a gambling game than to actually play it, so we recommend you put your fears aside and brave the creatures of the night.

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